Feminism or Machismo? Why not Humanism? -english version

World is changing fast, although some people still believe it is not. Women are gaining power and some men are afraid to lose their. But this is a wrong perspective. It’s a sort of allarmism, similar to Malthus’s one about overpopulation. We have to see the positive side of this circumstance. Not all men, like not all women, are born to be leaders. In fact, it depends on their characters, on their lives and on their predisposition. I would recommend programmes to educate people and fight ignorance everywhere. I would recommend the spread of knowledge itself everywhere and the fight against gender violence in every part of the world. So Feminism or Machismo? Why? Stop, stop this absurd war. Let’s move for something new, for Humanism, concerned in the sense of people who can develop a potential regardless of their gender. It’s been years that boys and girls are studying together in a lot of states and things seem work. It’s a way to realize there aren’t too many differences among them, excluding those encouraged by socialization. Yes, a woman can be feminine and plays with dolls and a boy can be masculine and plays with cars. But that does mean nothing. In the work, in the society, is intelligence, is capacity, which matters. If a woman or a man is clever, what does it matter? If a woman discover a cure for cancer, that will benefit all society, why worry about it is a girl to put it into practice instead of a man? Or why blaming the contrary? With women and men together we have the double of possibilities to be effective and successful in everyday discovering and business. It’s important that everyone will find his/her place to make this world better. In my opinion, no extreme position is right. Feminism or Machismo? Why not Humanism? The human being, man or woman, is the key to evolve. We have to learn this as soon as possible, or one day we’ll regret it.

Written by Franny.

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