Are you pessimist or optimist, according to your zodiac sign? -english version

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Someone says -although I don’t believe it is so true- that our Zodiac signs can influence our positive or negative attitude to the world.  So, are you ready to know if you are optimist or pessimist according to your zodiac sign?

Aries: combative optimists: you simply believe in yourselves and in your abilities; you know that by fighting for your objectives someday you will reach them.

Taurus: more realistic than optimistic: being optimistic could mean have too many expectations, kid yourselves and then suffer. You think there’s only your objective and your strategy is about not being neither optimists nor pessimists, simply evaluating pros and cons.
Gemini: pessimistically optimists: you are dreamers and idealists who often use irony to overcome difficulties; in reality, even if you seem not trusting, you are always waiting for a miracle.

Cancer: fake pessimists: In appearance, you might seem very pessimistic and negative people. Actually, you are great dreamers always committed in trying to do your utmost to make the world better.

Leo: optimists for pride: you could never allow yourselves to look pessimists in the eyes of others, because this would mean that you’re not strong enough nor brave and then torn by pride you arm yourselves with optimism and move ahead.

Virgo: calculator pessimists: you in life calculate everything, thus also the probailities of failure. You don’t like to define yourselves as pessimists, but in your calculations, you always round down and never round up.

Libra: undecided realists: you have problems with exposing yourselves and it’s very hard to see if you have a more optimistic or pessimistic view. You are perpetually on the fence and this holds you in a limbo that resembles to realism.

Scorpius: prophets of doom and gloom: In contrast to the Libra, you don’t know half measures: it’s all so black and white for you; and in general you do prefer the black; You always think the worst, that mankind might be extinguished, that the Earth might blow up unexpectedly.

Sagittarius: living dispensers of optimism : if someone needs optimism, you are surely able to lend him a little bit of it. You always feel very lucky and you share the opinion that if something ugly happened to you, you’d be thankful for good stuff anyway.

Capricorn: precautionarily pessimists: you like to foresee the danger and take all the necessary precautions in order to keep the unexpected events distant from you. Unfortunately, your pessimism does not even allow you to appreciate good news properly.
Aquarius: idealistic optimists: it must be said that your optimism can’t be understood by anyone. You are convinced that world peace is really possible and that wars could come to an end. You are serial optimists, you risk that your optimism is knocked out at the first sign of trouble.

Pisces: imaginative optimists: you pretend to be super-optimistic people, but by observing you in everyday life it’s easy to notice your constant complaints on anything and anyone. An optimist shouldn’t complain too much, but consider that difficulties could be overcome. Hoping that Superman or Spiderman come to rescue you, it’s not going so well because superheroes only exist in your imagination!

Written by Franny.





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