“Today or Never, that’s my motto” -english version

Mary Poppins taught this motto to Michael and Jane Banks. This could be perceived as a common place, a cheap banality, but in reality this is a true positive mantra we should repeat to ourselves whenever we are about to give up. Yes, go one step further with faith can make the difference in every kind of situation. Go a step further precisely means believing in yourselves, starting something you’ve been postponing for weeks. For instance, in my case, I’ve been postponing the activity of this blog and now here I am. Bad example, but inspiring. You are your thoughts. You are the actions you put in practice in order to transform your reality. Enable yourselves, turn yourselves on and simply try to remove the obstacles which prevent you from having success. Would you like to find a job? Have you tried a thousand times but you have failed? But… Have you really tried? Have you tried believing in it with every fiber of your being? I think not, otherwise, at this stage, you would have succeeded. So, begin by blaming yourselves in a productive way for the things wrong with it. Tell yourselves: “I can do better, today or never”. It often happened to me to feel myself as Mary Poppins, by entering the lives of many people and trying to support them. Neither for me, at the beginning, being positive was simple and natural but I’ve always been a fighter. So, nothing is impossible. Begin. Begin by improving the conciousness of your value. Even to be happy is possible, it is in this life, but you have to start, you have to go one step further with faith.

Written by Franny.

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